As a full-service facility, we offer several different boarding/training programs to choose from, depending on you and your horses needs. 

Full Board
Highly trained staff members are responsible for the care and well-being of each individual horse. In addition to the daily care, feeding and turnout, horses are also groomed and tacked up for riders at requested times. Not only does this make for a streamlined schedule, but it also ensures that horses are properly cared for by individual grooms who are familiar with each horse.


Riders are encouraged to participate in 1-2 lessons per week. If riders are not able to ride every day, rest assured that horses are still able to be exercised via walker, treadmill, pro-ride or staff-ride upon request, and for an additional fee.


The same practices are carried over to horse shows, where horses recieve daily care and are tacked and brought to the ring when the client is showing.

Training Board
Horse owners can send their horses to Kevin for training and showing. Horses are cared for by our highly trained staff and an individual program is designed for each horse's needs. Pro-rides and staff rides are included, as well as treadmill and Equi-Vibe sessions as Kevin sees fit. While Kevin may not be able to ride every horse every day, his skilled staff of riders are trained and supervised closely. 


Once again, these practices are carried over to the shows, where Kevin provides mileage and show experience for horses in training. While it is ultimately up to the owner how often the horses show, Kevin will typically recommend the number of shows and specific venues and class schedules, suitable for each horse in training.

Consignment Board
Horses may be sent to Kevin for the main purpose of being sold. Kevin typically evaluates horses beforehand to make sure they are a good fit for his sales program. Horses receive basic care, and are exercised daily. While consignment horses are not necessarily "trained" further, they benefit from being at a barn with skilled exercise riders, occasional rides by Kevin as he sees fit, as well as the high sales and customer traffic, thus increasing their chances of being sold.
Pony Board
We offer a modified boarding situation to our pony clients. Ponies are stabled separate from the main barn in slightly smaller stalls, with attached turnout areas. The ponies tend to be much happier being able to live in-and-out among each other. The training and care remains the same, with each pony being groomed and tacked up for clients, and having access to all amenities of the main barn such as arenas, walker, treadmill, etc.
Outside Clients

Many of our clients consistently show and train with us, without boarding at our facility. Whether they have their own farm, or are too far from our facility, these clients regularly ship in for lessons and meet up with us at horse shows. 

Outside clients are welcomed on a case-by-case basis.


As every situation is unique, we are willing to work with horse owners to design a program specific to any horse's needs. 


For more information on our Programs and Rates, do not hesitate to contact us.