Our Team

Our dedicated staff members are the core of our program, both at home and on the road. Each member has a specific role, instrumental to the success of Kevin Babington, LLC. Managers, Riders and Grooms, all work as a team to make sure the horses are getting the best training and care, in order to achieve their best results in the show ring. 

Dianna Babington

Assistant Trainer

Dianna Babington has been part of Kevin Babington, LLC since it's inception in 1992. She dedicates her time to young riders competing in both the pony hunter and equiation ring and the jumper ring. She also trains adult riders who are not quite ready to train with Kevin. . Dianna has a foundation in the hunters from her childhood when she trained with Gary Kunsman at Four Seasons Farm. As an adult she has ridden under Kevin's guidance in the jumpers for over 20 years and has trained with many other professionals including Nona Garson, Rick Francher, Albert Voorn, John Ledingham and George Morris. As an amatuer rider she dedicated most of her time riding and training sale horses. As an adult jumper rider she qualified for Indoors twice in the NAL and also the Marshall and Sterling League and placed in both finals. She has competed various horses in jumper divisions through 1.30 and competed in several mini-prix before attending law school. Dianna actively competes in the jumpers so she brings a rider's perspective to her students. As a lifelong student of Kevin's, she imparts his methodology and program to her students and enjoys seeing even small improvements in them.

Loretta Hess

Office Manager

Loretta Came on board as business manager in 2005. She is responsible for all the office work including accounts payable, accounts receivable, horse transportation and booking entries for horse shows. She also oversees the paperwork for the import/export of horses and makes sure reservations are confirmed before the horses, riders and staff head out to competitions.

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