Kevin Babington, LLC is a full service boarding and training facility that caters to the needs of individual clients and their horses. Located in beautiful Allentown, New Jersey, the farm is a state-of–the-art facility designed to provide a convenient and safe living and working environment for all horses. 

The property consists of thirty-four 12x12 stalls in the Main Barn, with high ceilingsand skylights for ventilation and natural light. 


Other amenities include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Arenas

  • All-weather, and grass track

  • Newly renovated Grand Prix field

  • Covered Walker

  • Extensive Turnout  

  • Grooming Stalls

  • Heated Wash Stalls

  • Spacious Tack Rooms with plenty of room for trunks/storage  


The Outdoor Arena measures 150x240, with modern, all-weather footing by the Footing Factory, as well as an advanced irrigation and drainage system, allowing riding even after torrential rains. 

The beautiful indoor arena measures 120x240 and allows for comfortable riding year round.  There's a spacious  lounge located inside the indoor to make for enjoyable spectating

Other amenities include a 5-horse automatic walker, 6 beautiful grass paddocks, and 4 small, all-weather paddocks. 

The health and well-being of the horses comes first here. Each horse gets out of it's stall at least 3 times throughout the day, whether it be for riding, turnout or other exercise. Each stall front allows the horses to put their heads out into the aisle to observe daily barn activity, so horses feel less confined and are very content in their stalls. Most horses that move in make the transition easily and settle in quickly. The covered hot walker and the indoor arena ensure that training and physical conditioning can continue uninterupted during inclement weather.


The horses are fed 3 times per day, with substantial breakfast and dinner meals, as well as a light mid-day lunch to keep their digestive systems flowing for optimum health. All horses are fed premium Babington Mills Feed, which comes in several varieties catered to each indivual horse. Babington Mills feed is a forage based feed consisting of chopped hay and healthy grains, providing all of the essential vitamins and minerals, without any sugar and starch additives. For more information on Babington Mills, click here.

The facility also includes onsite staff housing which is essential to an operation of this size. The barn manager and other staff members reside on the property to provide 24-hour surveillance. Staff members take turns performing a final night-check every night between 8-10pm before retiring for the evening. During this time, staff does a final check on each horse, provides additional blanketing and makes sure the barn doors/chains are secure. This is to ensure horses are all healthy and comfortable through the night. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to see our facility in person, please do not hesitate to contact us.